Master’s Greeting

Welcome Brothers to our new website, designed especially for Ancient Landmarks Lodge #358 of FA&M.  This is a direct attempt to address a communication challenge in the hopes that brothers can visit this site and learn more about our schedules and activities for our lodge as well as our neighboring Masonic community.

We will also have links to various sites that will serve to light the way for  those that look in from the outside and wish to learn more of Masonry in the State of New York and in the world today.

To those visitors, I say, welcome as well, and if what you see interests you or appeals in any way to your needs, then please feel free to communicate with us through this site.  I will have one of the brothers contact you and speak to you more about membership. To my Brothers – I encourage your participation in your lodge as well as your comments on what you would like to see on these pages.

Thank you for your visit today.

Henry Janowsky, Worshipful Master
Ancient Landmarks Lodge #358